Our NFR-catalog


Formulate NFR can be a time consuming and demanding task. Both in agile and more traditional development methodologies focus is often on the functional requirements, that will give an easy understandable benefit. This can lead to that the Non Functional Requirements are neglected or is late add-on in the project.

Through participating in various projects in different industries Human IT have a long  experience in formulating Non Functional requirements and manage them throughout the project/product lifecycle. An extensive catalog of requirements have been established. Various industry standards (i.e. ISO 25000, ISO27001) and experience form customer projects has been the input when building the catalog.

Bellow an example of some of the requirements in the NFR Catalog. The full catalog contains app. 100 requirements that cover a wide range of different types (i.e. performance, usability, security, supportability) of requirements.

If you want to get full access to the NFR catalog and discuss your specific need please contact [email protected], more information can also be found in the links below.

The need for an NFR catalog (PDF file)

Human IT’s NFR catalog (PP)

Requirement Id
Edited Date
NRF-USA-004Usability Branding It should be possible to configure the application(logotypes, color schemes etc) so it reflect XXX corporate design
NRF-USA-007Usability Localisation It should be possible to localise the system with regards to currency, date format and metrics
NRF-USA-014Usability Localisation The user of the system should at any time be able to change the prefered laungage of the system.
NRF-PER-009Performance Transaction Going back to a previous page should not take more than X secs
NRF-PER-015Performance Scalability The system should be scalable to support X more users,transaction without any changes in the application
NRF-USA-016Usability Common The system should display a tooltip when hovering over a field
NRF-SEC-002Security Common The system should support role based access
NRF-SEC-003Security Common The system should support that one user can have multiple roles
NRF-SEC-009Security General The system should be able to automatic log off a user that has not been active for xxx minutes
NRF-SUP-009Supportability Common The system should be installable and runnable without access to any development tools
NRF-SUP-011Supportability Audit & Control Logfiles should be in human readable form and require no special tool to inspect.